Saturday, December 5, 2009

CORA Diversity Roll Call: Celebrating the Holidays

For the month of December, knowing how busy everyone will be, we’re only going to have one CORA Diversity Roll Call For December. To recognize all holidays celebrated during this time of year, we're asking you to share on one or more of the following:

1) Favorite children holiday books from your childhood
2) Favorite children holiday books your own children love
3) New holiday books you've discovered
4) Recommend holiday books that celebrate Hanukkah, Eid, Kwaanza,Winter Soltice, Tet, Festival of Lights, any holiday celebrated between late November through January.
5) Stuck, tell us what kind of book you’re looking for to give someone
6) Tell us what’s on your own wish list.

Drop a link here. After New Year’s I will randomly select one participant to choose a book from our Prize Bucket.


Anonymous said...

My favorite holiday book is the classic story, "A Charlie Brown Christmas." It was adapted from the TV special and reads very well as a book. I volunteer witha literacy program at a homeless shelter and I picked it up and started reading it last month. It's a great story that teaches kids and adults an important lesson about what the Christmas spirit truly means.

Color Online said...

Hi DC Scopion Girl,

Welcome to Color Online. Hope you weigh in again and often.

I peeped your blog, too. Nice.

Mardel said...

When I was little (40 years ago :( ) I used to love the Charlie Brown specials on TV. Well let me tell you - times have really changed. I was all excited to share Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin with my granddaughter a few weeks ago. I remember waiting for it to come on every Halloween, we watched it for years as kids. My granddaughter and I got ready to watch it, got snuggled up on the couch, the puppy by us, a snack ready, pillows just so and.....we both fell asleep within 10 minutes. It was soooo sloooowwww compared to a lot of the contemporary cartoons and show out now. So slow and so ... well, quiet. The book might have been a better choice.

I'm not giving up, we're going to try to catch the Charlie Brown Christmas, but I won't be surprised if we both nod off this time. Maybe we should eat some candy while we watch?

Color Online said...

C'mon now. Someone drop a link.

Color Online said...

Please, pretty please. Respond.

sumagoo said...

My kids and I enjoyed and still enjoy A Wish For Wings That Work by Berkeley Breathed.
It is a great book about using what talents you have and how wishes come true, not always the way you would like them to.

We also discovered the new Christmas book by Tomie DePaola, Christmas Remembered. My kids are now 20 and 23 years old and are reading stories from this new and wonderful book to our niece and nephew. It is such fun to read to them and to watch them listen and ask wonderful questions.

There are so many more wonderful books I have read to my kids but to many to list.

susan said...

Thanks sumagoo,

Maybe too many for you, but I'd love a few more when you have time.

Appreciate you responding.

susan said...

You really should stop by Zetta's and view the slideshow she put together.

tsatske said...

I raised literature geeks. Some of our holiday traditions, when they were children (I need grandchildren already now! Okay?!) were:
We read the christmas Carol, with each of us reading one Canta.
I would read the gift of the Magi to mydaughter while I brushed her hair
we read Robert Frost's Christmas trees before we opened our gifts.

My favorite Christmas story when I was a child was the Little Match Girl.

Our Kwanza tradition when the kids were kids was, we would make holiday ornaments during Kwanza. Kind of a slow let down from Christmas, and who has time to do it before Christmas?

I see these 'color co-ordinated' christmas trees on the home network, and they make me so sad. I think a color co-ordinated chrismtas tree must be the saddest thing in the WORLD. doesn't that mean you don't have any ornaments you inheareted from your grandmother, don't have a 'babies first christmas' ornament, or a goffy ornament you bought on your honeymoon - don't have a 10 year old crumbling paper santa from one of your kids in kindergarten? Really, how sad is that?

Color Online said...

Hi Latricia,

Thanks for sharing your traditions with us. Hope to hear more from you in the new year.