Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Salon: Books, Books & Books

Hello all, hope you enjoyed the holiday with family and friends. We had a small group of twelve at my aunt's. I ate too much but better than previous years and that's because I knew I'd be seeing my trainer the next day. That night, I got on the treadmill and Friday I showed up at the gym. Don't be too impressed. I have quite a few pounds to drop so a chica is doing what a chica has to do.

This week we feature Tara Betts in our Women Writers of Color Series. Show her some love. Buy her collection, Arc & Hue.

More community news: We have lots of winners to announce. In order to simplify my life and hopefully to increase your participation, at the end of each month I'll post a single listing of monthly winners. We exist to support writers and that means among other things, reading and reviewing their work. We provide ample opportunity for you to acquire books. If you haven't been participating in our giveaways, the quizzes or memes, I strongly encourage you to do so. Winning is as simple as commenting or reviewing on your blogs. No hoop jumping. Support and your name is likely to be entered for you by me. November Winners' Circle:

Bum Magnet Giveaway- Akila from The Englishist
Color Online Quiz - Elizabeth at LiveJournal
Color Me Brown- Debbie at Genre Reviews
Women Unbound- Danielle at Leaning Towards The Sun
CORA Diversity Roll Call- Erika at Reading With Momma

This week Women Unbound announced that Color Online is sponsoring a monthly book drawing each month. We will draw a winner among participants who spotlight women of color. Represent Color Online and promote women writers of color. Join the challenge.

Don't forget to sign-up for our Greeting Card Exchange. Please join us.
Looking forward to celebrating the holidays with you.


readerbuzz said...

Curious about your phrase "of color." Wondering how that is defined. Not sure exactly what color I might be. Hope that I do not sound rude. Just curious.

Color Online said...

Hello Readerbuzz,

Your question isn't rude and I'm glad someone finally asked. While members here are familiar with the writers we promote, others are not.

People of color refer to but not limited to writers of mixed race, African American, Arab, Native American, Asian, South Asian, Hispanic or Latino, African, Aboriginal or Pacific Island descent.

Did I miss any? In short we focus on non-white writers. I don't use the term but some would say any minority group.

I hope you will spend some time here reading and interacting.


Color Online said...


While we focus on women, I see you read Lotus Reads. If you don't already, you might get a broader idea from the Writers of Color 50 Book Challenge at LiveJournal.

Lady of Letters said...

Thank you so much for adding me to your blog roll, I really appreciate it! I am so glad that I found your beautiful, unique blog. I look forward to visiting and reading!



Color Online said...

Hi Summer,

Glad you're here. Get comfortable. Sit a spell. We are a very friendly group.