Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Women Writers of Color: Bernice McFadden

Full name: Bernice L. McFadden

Birth date: September 26, 1965

Location: New York

Website/blog: Bernice McFadden

Genre: Fiction

WiP or most recently published work:
Glorious (Spring 2010)

Writing credits:
The Warmest December
This Bitter Earth
Loving Donovan
Camilla's Roses
Nowhere is a Place

writing as Geneva Holliday
Lover Man

How frequently do you update your site? Fairly Frequently

Is your site designed for reader interaction? Yes

Post of note, something in particular you want readers to check out:
On January 9th, 2010 my debut novel, SUGAR will celebrate it's 10th anniversary. It is my hope that the book will sell 10,000 copies between now and that date.

100 words or less how would you describe your work?
I write informative, entertaining, lyrical, thought provoking novels that often have a historical slant.

100 words on less please share your thoughts on the writing life:
I love this life. I love the people I meet in and outside of my stories.

Women of color writers - We are fearless storytellers. Our writings are filled with a strength and passion that the "publishing machine" finds unsettling - hence the slow and systematic silencing of writers.

Children and reading - If we don't encourage our children to read and experience the world through the pages of books - then they will never want to physically experience the world and we will have a nation of stagnant, ignorant adults.

Bernice, thank you for allowing us to promote and support your work.


tea said...

What a great morning! Bernice McFadden is one of my favorite, favorite authors. I love her books. I have read SUGAR and THE WARMEST DECEMBER. I loved, loved Sugar. Ms. McFadden I wish you many happy memories, wealth and most importantly health. Please keep writing.

Eva said...

I'm off to see what her books are about. :) Just fyi, the link to her website doesn't work; I'm guessing the 'http://' part was left out of link code.

K.L. Brady said...

Indeed, such a talented writer and among my many favorites. Great interview and I look forward to her next book.

Shelia G said...

Sugar is one of my top 10 favorite books. She's like the Alice Walker of my generation.

Color Online said...

Thank you all for reading and showing Bernice some love.

To Bernice,
My apologies for the link error and the delay in fixing it. When I started my new job, I was told I'd have Internet access. Well, I don't. ((sigh)). This has seriously affected my ability to post and interact. More on this later.