Thursday, October 15, 2009

Color Online Quiz: Literature and Women Studies

Quiz #75
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I have two overriding childhood memories or impressions: One, was always being excruciating aware of the poverty around me. Now, as a middle-class kid, you're not supposed to be that aware of--or certainly not supposed to be tortured by--the poverty around you. It's a defense mechanism of sorts, to be able to ignore it. ~Thrity Umrigar

She grew up in Bombay, India. A recipient of the Neiman Fellowship at Harvard.
Thanks, Ari!


MissA said...

Thirty Umrigar.
Except she was born in Mumbai so I'm not sure.

Unknown said...

Mumbai used to be called Bombay. So I'd say you're spot on.

(Darn it! You beat me in!)

Color Online said...


Yay, Ari.

MissA said...

oh I didn't know that. thanks elizabeth!