Thursday, September 24, 2009

Color Online Quiz: Literature and Women Studies

Quiz #71
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Burn by Black Artemis aka Sophia Quintero. Read Sophia comments on race and literature in her interview with Amy Bowllan for her Writers Against Racism series.

Do you know that commercial with the tag line,"It's in there"? That's a good line to describe this smart, layered, intelligent urban, hip hop tale replete with drama, murder, romance and crash course about a segment of the hip hop culture. The lead is an Afro-Latina female bail bondswoman. The writer is an intellectual, activist, feminist, academic and filmmaker. Whew! Name the work and the author.

Thanks, Tichaona. Read more from Tichaona at The Four Seasons of Tichaona.
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Tichaona Chinyelu said...

Burn by Black Artemis?

Color Online said...


Thanks, Tichaona. Have you read the book?

MissAttitude said...

Argh this was SO much harder!!!!
I googled it and everything and i couldn't find it :(
Nice one, I'm going to go watch the trailer for the movie now (I'd never heard of it) :)