Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Sunday Salon: What We Read, Wrote and Said

Another great week. Lots of conversation, reading and scratching off a few items on to-do lists. Let's start with some features that need a little lov'n. As many of you know, I host Little Lov'n Monday at Black-Eyed Susan's. It's about supporting one another, finding new blogs we might enjoy and a bonus is a chance to win a book. I post a new LLM every Saturday night. Drop a link. Show some love. The other is New Crayons. Didn't your mom teach you to share? I love showing off our new crayons, but hey, I want to know what's in your stash, too. Drop a link.

Big news on the Liar book cover controversy. Bloomsbury announced a cover change. Now the cover model is light-skinned and pretty and some readers had something to say about it. Me, when don't I have something to say? But it comes down to what's gained: We were heard. And like many, I'm in this for the long-term so I won't waste too many keystrokes about the model. She's part of an ongoing debate about how people of color are marketed and represented. *Sometimes I refrain from commenting because it's difficult for me to write a rational, calm response. That's why I wasn't going to discuss the model. Then I read Zetta's comments. Thank Maude for her. More later. Waiting for a response for before commenting more.

We had a great response to our last roll call. Roundup at Worducopia soon. I've posted our new assignment and we're changing gears. We're looking at non-fiction and we're focusing on two genres I really enjoy: food and memoirs. Join us.

Getting back to love, Camille couldn't catch a break this week. First from Mr. Man and then no comments? Now, Camille is a big girl, she wasn't wounded, but was I the only one who laughed at her wicked, dark humor?

Every Tuesday, we have a new review. Did you check out Tarie's review of Moribitio? Coming this week is a review of Children of The Waters by Carleen Brice.

If you don't know, every Thursday and Saturday I post a quiz on women's literature or women studies. Correct answers are pooled monthly for free book from our Prize Bucket. Test your knowledge. Win a book.

Especially pleased to promote January O'Neil's upcoming release, Underlife. Check out Poetry Friday for this week's selection.

Underlife represents that gnawing wilderness of thought and emotion hidden away from the external world. The dynamics of race, family, motherhood, career, sex, and, ultimately, transformation are explored in this debut collection.

Finished, The Color of Earth by Kim Dong Hwa. The artwork is stunning but the news I really want to share is that I shared the book with my hairstylist's daughter while getting my locs tightened. Now, I have been trying to hook this girl for more than a minute. This time, she was interested. She finished the book during the short time it took her mom to groom my locs. She then asked her mother to buy the second volume in the series. Yes, I was stoked that she enjoyed the read.

Hope you all have a good weekend and read a great book.


Tarie said...

That is AWESOME news about your hairstylist's daughter. Woot!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

You had a good week! Next week, I have THREE posts coming up for your POC Challenge! I'll be out of town but I'll try to get on enough to do the Mr. Linky thing.

Nymeth said...

Really looking forward to reading Kim Dong Hwa's graphic novels. That's fantastic that the book hooked a reluctant reader :D