Friday, August 28, 2009

Calendar: Books, Art, Culture, Activism and Women

Often I get emails or tweets about events in the blogosphere or physical spaces. I receive dozen of event notices daily. It's impossible to create a blog for every single one. When I can, I'm going to post notices that are book, art, culture, activism or women related events to this thread. Check often. Please disregard the time stamp of this post instead look at each announcement. I'll try to be consistent with this format:


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DATE: September 4th
STATE: MI, Detroit. Don Bosco Hall Community Resource Center
EVENT:DEVELOPING K.I.D.S 2nd Family Ballroom Hustle Night

DATE: September 4th
WEB: Blog Talk Radio
EVENT: Live Chat with poet, Jayne Cortez
DETAILS: Blood-Jet Writing Hour

DATE: Saturday, October 17th
STATE: Washington D.C.
EVENT: The Annual Kidletosphere Conference
DETAILS: Conference details

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