Thursday, August 13, 2009

Color Online Quiz: Literature & Women's Studies

Quiz #62
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This week at Chasing Ray, Colleen is hosting One Shot SE Asia Round-up. In celebration of works in this region, can you tell us who this writer is?

Minfong Ho
Born January 7, 1951, in Rangoon, Burma

"....began to see writing as "a political expression," as she once wrote in Interracial Books for Children Bulletin. She resented the stories about Thailand, Burma, and China she previously read, for she thought that their mostly idyllic portrayal of lives there misrepresented the Asia that she came to know during her childhood."

Thanks, Tashi. Check out Tashi at Taste Life Twice.


Taste Life Twice said...

Minfong Ho?

evelyn.n.alfred said...

Dang, I gotta jump on these quizes faster.

Color Online said...


In the future, no ? behind your answer. :-)

Thanks, Tashi

Anonymous said...

Evelyn: I know! This is a real one of those you-snooze-you-lose kind of contests!

Color Online said...

Yes, it is. Keep in mind I post every Thursday and Saturday. I sometimes slip some in that don't show up on the front page. Always a good idea to click the tag, quizzes and check for unanswered quizzes. Your responses counts for the current month. Doesn't matter when the quiz was posted.

Taste Life Twice said...

Sweet! Thanks for the entry and the link. I'll ax the question marks in the future lol