Monday, August 10, 2009

COLA: Loving The Happy Nappy Bookseller

Blog name: The Happy Nappy Bookseller

Blogger: Doret Canton

Blog Origination date: January 2008

Focus: I review mainly middle grade and young adult titles. Like many people who blog about YA literature, I love a lot of the best selling authors but I won't spend much time on their books. I will mention them (how can I not talk about authors I love) but I like to focus on books that might not get much attention.

Regular features: None. I am not good at keeping a schedule seems too much like work. Though I will throw other things into the mix when I feel the urge.

How frequently do you update your blog? I update pretty regularly, about every other day.

Post of note: That's Not What This Rant Is About - I never thought I'd hit double digits in comments, but I did with this post. I was very happy with what I said and how I said it, and the responses I got in return.

Something in particular you’d like visitors to check out: Books Worth The Wait

50 words or less how would you describe your blog: I like to think my blog as fun and welcoming to all. I hope readers who visit will find some good books to read. I hope they'll see in my so far from scholarly reviews, how much I enjoy or love the books I talk about. I hope visitors who read primarily YA featuring white characters will add a few titles featuring characters of color to their TBR.

What do you hope readers will gain, find or enjoy because they’ve visited your blog? I want visitors to see how easy it is, to fiction jump and take a chance on something outside of their reading comfort zone.


Carleen Brice said...

Love the Happy Nappy Bookseller!

Shalonda said...

I love Doret as well! She has been so kind and is one heck of a blogger!

Anonymous said...

Not only does Doret connect readers with great books, she connects readers with great bloggers and authors with reviewers...she's amazing!

Colleen said...

Doret rocks - I'm a big fan!

Tarie said...

I love Doret too! She's nice and I learn about new-to-me books from her blog. :o)

I'd love to see a picture of Doret someday. ;) (hint hint)

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan too - thanks for the feature!