Saturday, July 25, 2009

Color Online Quiz: Literature & Women Studies

Quiz #58
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Read. Read. Read. Everything and everyone. Read the so-called greats. Read the relevant contemporary. If you wish to write about a thing, research it. You need more than your feelings to make a good poem.~ Staceyann Chin

"A completely absorbing account of how a girl born into denial and contempt can grow up resilient, sane, and full of purpose,” said out author and activist Dorothy Allison, “She also shows me a culture I knew far too little about — the everyday life of young people in Jamaica and the threat of violence looming over anyone who might be too independent or queer or outrageous. How wonderful that this outrageous, talented, determined woman has given us her story."

Who is this poet, author, activist? What is the title of her memoir? Provide a link.

Thanks, Rhapsody. Support artists. Purchase The Other Side of Paradise.

Interview at Feministing
Staceyann Chin


Anonymous said...

It is the poet Staceyann Chin and refers to her memoir "The Other Side of Paradise."

The link is:

Color Online said...


Thanks Rhapsody. Folks, find an eclectic collection of reviews at rhapsodyinbooks

Taste Life Twice said...

OMG! I've loved Staceyann Chin ever since I saw her perform a poem on Apollo. It was about trying to believe in the little things. I wish I could hear her speak in person. I wasn't even aware she'd written a memoir.


susan said...

So I take it, you'll be adding this to your tbr. :-)