Tuesday, July 28, 2009

COLA: Womanist Musings

COLA: Color Online Love Alert

Blog name: Womanist Musings

Blogger: Renee Martin

Blog Origination date: April 2008

Focus: Pop culture, politics, parenting, current events from a anti- racist womanist perspective.

Regular features: Saturday Drop it like its hot (link fest and open post) Sunday Shame (admitting the silly things we do everyday)

Pub schedule: 4-5 times a day Mon-Fri 2 times Sat-Sun

How frequently do you update your blog? Every day

Post of note: Can I Touch Your Hair

50 words or less how would you describe your blog:
Womanist Musings is about speaking truth to power. The majority of the topics deal with people that are marginalized that society has a tendency to ignore. There is no subject to controversial because we can create change unless we are willing to look at the truth directly.

What do you hope readers will gain, find or enjoy because they’ve visited your blog?
I hope that readers will see themselves reflected and know that all people matter- that is essentially the main theme of this blog. We may not always agree on the solutions but
we sure have fun arguing and working for change. When the fluff posts go up on the weekend we laugh at ourselves and the little things that just bring a smile to your lips. Even in tough times I believe that the weekends are meant for recuperation and joy.


N. K. Jemisin said...

I've been following Womanist Musings (and its precursors) for awhile now, and I absolutely love her. She opens my eyes about so much. Seconding this recommendation!

Renee said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, I really appreciate it. Womanist Musings is a labor of love.

Color Online said...

and you are loved, Renee.

PPR_Scribe said...

Very well deserved. Congrats, Renee and thanks, Color Online for highlighting her blog.