Monday, June 22, 2009

Susan Says

So Camile was right, sharing a bit about myself isn't so bad. This week how about a meme? A friend asked me to complete this not long ago (my apologies to those who have seen it). Pretty simple, for each letter of the alphabet describe something that lets the reader know something about you. Below is mine. I'd loved to learn more about you so drop me a link with Mr. Linky to your ABCs.

The ABC's of Me:

A- Audre Lorde, poet, feminist, essayist. Love her work.
B- Beads. I like beads. Beaded earrings, bracelets. I like the sound of the word.
C- Coffee! Love fresh brewed coffee. We grind our own coffee at home

D- The Big D. Born and raised in Detroit.
E- Eating. Love to eat. Love it too much. Time to push away from the table.
F- Films. Especially fond of foreign films and indi films
G- Gaiman, Neil. Discovered this author last year. He's wicked. Check him out
H- Hot. Love hot and spicy food. Hate the heat as in temperature.
I- Information. I have an insatiable appetite for learning which means I'm always searching for more info.
J- Jumped by Rita Williams Garcia. New book about girl violence. Relevant topic. Loved it.
K- Krik, Krak! Collection of stories by Edwidge Danticat. A favored author
L- My first real initial. I like my name. I hate when folks assume that they can shorten my name. Only my mother gets to do that.
M- I'm named for my aunt Mattie whom I loved dearly.
N- Names. Fascinated by names and love hearing stories behind them.
O- Open-minded and opinionated. Hey, I'm old and I'm allowed.
P- Passionate. Pretty passionate about a few things.
Q- Quiona. A food. I'm noticing a trend with me. My first thoughts lead towards books or food. lol
R- Rebel with a cause
S- Sensual
T- Technology. Love learning more about it. Learning how to use it to connect
U- Universal. I believe we're connected and celebrating the universal is part of that.
V- Vulva. Sorry first word came to mind. Body image is a real issue. We need to work on our body image.
W- Wake up and take a stand. Find your cause and support it.
X- xenophobia is not acceptable. Fight against racism, biogtry and prejudice in all forms.
Y- Young people. Love them, support them, teach them.
Z- Zawadi, my daughter's name. My raisin child who drives me crazy and I return the favor. (Zawadi was my first online username and had been my only moniker until the now teen Z objected.)

Susan is taken from Black-Eyed Susan's, my other blog. Wannabe bohemian mama, loc-wearin', veg-head, feminist, activist, writer. The mugshot is me.

9 comments: said...

Hi there!

This is a good meme!!


I tried to change the font size of my layout as you suggested so please let me know what you think!

Thanks for visiting my think tank!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Color Online said...


Thanks for hearing and giving it a try. On my way. Hope you'll respond to the meme. I answered off-the-cuff. It was fun and made me smile. Peace.

Lisa said...

Love the meme and learning more about you. You have to be my online friend with the most aliases. "V" cracked me up :)

Carleen Brice said...

You know I'm sending your library a copy of my new novel, right?

Color Online said...

Hi Carleen,
You have been more than generous. I try to act as if I were raised with manners. While I'm not shy about asking, it's not polite to wear out folks' generosity. Anyhoo, thank you very much.

I was speaking with a group of women at the agency (we have outreach for adults) today about Orange Mint and Honey. I couldn't finish before they were trying to sign it out.

Color Online said...


It's embarrassing. I'm hoping I'm not alone just the only one confessing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well I read it before but it was fun to read it again! :--)

Lezlie said...

Quinoa! There's a food name you don't see everyday. And it's too bad, because it's really good. :-)


Color Online said...

Hi Lezlie,
My hair stylist introduced me to the goodie in the 90s. Love it. Thanks for coming by. Hope you'll complete the meme and drop us a link.