Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Color Online Quiz: Literature & Women's Studies

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Quiz #37

"You can't sit there and wallow. YOu weep for what's gone and then you move ahead."

Thanks Cuban In London.

She was born in Havana, Cuba in 1958. In 1959 her family fled to the United States. In 1961 her father was captured in a failed invasion mission into Cuba with the CIA. In 1975 she joined her future husband's band. She became a star. In 1990, she was in a major accident that required a hour-hour operation to repair her spine and then endured a year-long recovery period. In 1992, when Hurricane Andrew struck the state of Florida, she released "Always Tomorrow" and donated all proceeds to hurricane relief funds. Who is she?


tanita davis said...

Oh, my goodness. I can see her face. Can I think of her name? No.

I'll come back when I think of it. I know she was in the Miami Sound Machine, that's the name of that ooold band...

... brain fade. It's a sad thing to see when one is so (hah!) young...

Color Online said...

Google, girl. This isn't limited to what you know. Go find out. lol

A Cuban In London said...

Gloria Estefan. And yes, she was in Miami Sound Machine. Back in the 80s we used to listen to 'Superconga' in secret because Gloria's music was banned in Cuba.

Now, where's my prize :-)?

Greetings from London.

Color Online said...


Thanks Cuban, it's easy to win but not that easy. All winners' names are pooled and I use a random generator to draw a monthly winner.

Good luck.

GirlGriot said...

How excellent that you had a Gloria Estefan quiz right after I posted about her! I loved her with MSM, and I love her now.

susan said...

Hi GirlGriot,

Need to get by your place. Thanks for commenting.