Friday, May 29, 2009

Poetry Friday

I Like The Sound of My Voice

I like the sound of my voice- blue, blue black
factory bent, southern descendant- mama’s
hopes tied up in three little brown faces.
Hips swayin', dashki wearin’,70s’ sexy sangin’
Davis’ fro pickin’ & Panther dreams explodin’ .
It’s about the Revolution, baby & love & baby-makin’ .

This is me with my rhythm;
I write my own anthem.

I like the sound of my voice- click, click, heels
on stairs stepping into the blue lights in the basement.
Come on baby & slide, come on baby & slide.
It was Strawberry 23 the first time you kissed me;
Stevie was blaring ribbons in sky, ribbons in the sky,
ribbons in the skies of your love-
between my thighs.

This is me with my rhythm;
I write my own anthem.

I like the sound of my voice- sista in locs and Birkenstocks
in the blue lights at open mic. How I wish I were the cup
that touches your lips. Scented locs & anks & incense burnin’
Come on baby, I don’t have much just a little beans & wine.
Politics & Love Jones. More Jones. Wanna be the funk in your thigh.
Let’s celebrate Mandela’s release; revolution is won, baby.

*This is me with my rhythm;
I write my own anthem.

Reposting this for Poetry Friday. *Writing prompt at readwritepoem is to write a bop. We also had to borrow two lines. My *refrain comes from participant rmilana. Poetry Friday is hosted this week at Live. Love. Explore!


Luther James Spells said...

You truly do elicit visionary curiosity. I am riveted to your words. I shal continue.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

I like this rhythm!! I'd love to hear you read it out loud. The sound of your voice... all that is missing.

Kelly said...

Very rhythmic poem! I like the sound of your voice too!

Leslie said...

Oh this sounds so good. Great job :)

Irene Latham said...

This is like a song... love the music here.

Julie Larios said...

This is a beautiful poem, full of heart, and so technically accomplished - all the internal rhyme - wow - very impressive. Lot's of tools in the poetry toolbox being used, but it still feels completely natural, spoken, modern. It's not easy to get everything going right at once: the poetic technique, the authenticity & believability of the voice, the heart - it's just terrific. Thanks so much for posting it.

Color Online said...

Julie, I read a lot of poetry and I think I understand, but application is always work, and I wonder if I should remain a reader only. Your comments are encouragment. Thank you.

And to all others, it is always feels good to know some one likes what I do. Thank you.