Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Crayons

This week was another very good week for new reads. More crayons for my box. Two books I requested my library buy came in. I got three titles from Paperback Swap, two more Amelia Bedelia's from Frugalreader and one review title. We may have donations at the library but I won't know till after this posts. Now to the goodies:

Ask Me No Questions by Marina Budho has been on my wish list for some time. I don't recall reading any recent reviews but still I was excited when I saw it was available at Paperback. I'm pretty sure a fellow reader at Shelfari recommended it. Nadira and her family are illegal aliens, fleeing to the Canadian border -- running from the country they thought was their home. For years since emigrating from Bangladesh, they have lived on expired visas in New York City, hoping they could someday realize their dream of becoming legal citizens of the United States. But after 9/11, everything changes. Suddenly, being Muslim means being...

I first heard about Justina Chen Headley at Jacketflap, a community for children's and YA writers, educators, librarians and illustrators. I learned how popular she was from reading teen book review blogs. As many of you know (yes, here she goes again), we don't have a book budget so I must wait, beg (not very sublte about it), keep my eyes peeled for books I want. It's not that I don't ever buy books, but for us there is real economic retraint that requires patience and saving and waiting.

I heard a lot of good things about a Girl Overboard Everybody thinks Syrah is the golden girl. After all, her father is Ethan Cheng, billionaire, and she has everything any kid could possibly desire: a waterfront mansion, jet plane, and custom-designed snowboards.

Nothing but the Truth Hapa (Half Asian and half white) Patty Ho has never felt completely at home in her skin. Life at House Ho is tough enough between her ultra-strict Taiwanese mom (epic-length lectures and all) and her Harvard-bound big brother. But things get worse when a Chinese fortuneteller channels Patty's future via her bellybutton...and divines a white guy on her horizon. Her mom then freaks.. When I saw these available, I spent my credits as fast as I could click the keys to request.

Knew nothing abut Gringolandia by Lyn Miller-Lachmann except Zetta recommended it and if Zetta is interested, I'm taking a look. Because Zetta has connected with the author, I received a review copy. Very excited to read this one. From A Chair, A Fireplace Y A Tea Cozy: While it's sometimes odd to think of "historical fiction" as being set just over twenty years ago, the political situation in Chile and America's involvement is history, particularly to today's teens that were born after General Pinochet's dictatorship ended. The author supplies a concise, matter of fact historical note about Chile's government from 1970 to 1990; along with a glossary and suggested further reading. You know how I love when authors do that!

I asked my library to buy Shine, Coconut Moon by Neesha Meminger. Did the happy dance when I got the notice it was in. Have seen this on multiple blogs, but it was Andromeda at a wrung sponge that hooked me. She said she had some questions and concerns about the book and said she wondered what kind of discussion it would elicit. I love a good talk about a book's strengths and flaws. Looking forward to this.

I read about Skunk Girl by Sheba Karim at Doret's. This is the other title I requested at the library. Check out Doret's review. 15yr old Nina Khan is Pakistani Muslim girl who wants to obey her parents and have a little fun.

What crayons did you get?


Stella said...

What a wonderful discovery was reading your blog today! Thanks for stopping by My World/ Mi Mundo because it gives me a chance to add your blog to my list. This blog is offering so much to our community, and for that I want to make sure I say thank you!

Zetta Elliott said...

I'm just starting Gringolandia--and I see the author stopped by BE! Can't wait to compare notes. Need to try more Latino books...

Color Online said...

Hi Stella, I found you through Poetry Friday or Jacketflap not sure which, but I've been reading you a while now and you are a much needed resource. Thanks for coming by and adding us to your blog list.

Z, got my book Friday I think. I really hope to start it this week. I, too, want to read more Latino books. I've gone on streaks of reading island writers and others but not Latino. I have found more sources though so no problem finding a good book. Looking forward to chatting about Gringolandia, too. Thanks for getting me a copy.