Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Color Online Welcomes Bonnie Norman


Please join me in welcoming Bonnie Norman our new feature book reviewer. When I asked her for a bio she responded like a pro. I think she must submits to lots of journals where the rule is: keep it short. She's a committed feminist who advocates inclusion and promotes diversity. Stay tuned for her bi-monthly column. Bonnie will cover science fiction and fantasy books by women of color. Her reviews will publish the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. Also check out her own blog, A Working Title.


Color Online said...

Arggg, never publish before finishing my coffee. Bonnie, thanks for being kind about my error. Know I am utterly horrified for making the mistake.

tanita davis said...

Love the hair, and what a great review! Welcome to the party!

Zetta Elliott said...

Welcome, Bonnie! I look forward to learning more about women writing SFF!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Bonnie!
I look forward to reading more!!!