Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sewing Circle

Children of the Waters
Carleen Brice
One World/Ballantine

"She'd known there wasn't a god since she was four years old, when her mother and baby sister were killed in a car accident,'' Brice writes in the first chapter, as she introduces Trish Taylor, who still feels alone and abandoned at 36. But now, the loneliness has an exclamation point. She is divorced and preparing for her only son to leave the nest. If not a wife or a mom, who is she? ~from Black Voices review

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Carleen Brice said...

thanks for the shout out! love the quote from Mrs. Shabazz too!

Tea said...

Thank you for writing about "Children of The Water" by Brice. I would like to find this one at my library.

Color Online said...

Carleen, you're welcome. Does your publisher send out review copies? I'd like to know why I see so few ARCs in circulation of African American writers' work or am I simply unaware? In the YA market for instance, teen blogs are flooded with them and the teens all talk about the same books about to be released.

Color Online said...

Tea, ask your library to purchase it. Release date is June. My library has great record of purchasing patron's request. I'm going to ask them to buy this if it hasn't been ordered already.

tea said...

Ok, I didn't realize it wasn't out yet. Our new books go on a seven day shelf for six months.