Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Crayons

Light week this week. I haven't ordered from lately and a book I ordered from appears to be lost. The sender contacted me asking if I received it, which I sadly said no. I really wanted this book, The Rose That Grew from Concrete by Tupac Shakur. We can't seem to keep it in the library so I was really looking forward to getting this. If you'd like to participate in NC, leave us a link in the comments.

I tried to get several books from the library, mostly books I read about at The Happy Nappy Book Seller, but my branch doesn't have them so I'm going to request they buy them. The library director is really nice and she told me that if I had requests to let her know. What I did get:

My Life As A Rhombus by Varian Johnson. Read Andromeda's review at a wrung sponge. I've been looking forward to this and my library did purchase it at my request.

North Korea Kidnapped My Daughter by Sakie Yokota. Read Steph's mailbox post and told her it sounded it interesting. She sent it to me on swap. Mrs. Yokota vividly recounts the horrifying panic when Megumi went missing and the entire ordeal of her daughter’s absence. In 2002, North Korea released five of the victims, claiming the other eight were dead; however, it refused to provide legitimate evidence to support these claims. After four years of deliberations in Japan, Sakie Yokota attended the first U.S. Congressional hearing on the abductions and asked America for help.

Shortie Like Mine by Ni-Ni Simone. Edi at Crazy Quilts sent this to me. I think our girls will check this out.

Sixteen year-old, Seven McKnight may be the thickest one in her clique, but she is fierce, fly and fabulous. She has the biggest crush on the school's star basketball player, Josiah Whitaker, who is fine as wine. The only problem is he is with her girl, Deeyah. When Deeyah plays Josiah and his worst enemy against each other, it leaves Seven thinking it is time to make her move.

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