Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Black-Eyed Susan's

Black-Eyed Susan's: Confession Tuesday & WG

Women's History Month is a big deal to me so is feminism. Some of my sisterfriends don't like the labels feminist or black. I do. These words connote different things so if you embrace the labels, the onus is on you to define them and to demonstrate what they mean. Don't let others define you.

"One of the sad commentaries on the way women are viewed in our society is that we have to fit one category. I have never felt that I had to be in one category." ~Faye Wattleton


Blackgirl On Mars said...

Awesome post!

Color Online said...

Thanks lab,

Lisa said...

I respect each individual's stance on self definition. I've never much identified with the term, "feminist", but I do identify with the term, "humanist". I think it has much to do with my time in the military, starting way back in 1980. We (women) were not all that welcome by most of our male counterparts and I spent most days trying prove myself and trying to physically keep up. Those were challenging days, but they taught me a lot about myself. I suspect I'd have gravitated more toward feminism, as a movement had I not taken the path I did.

Color Online said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks for weighing in.