Thursday, August 14, 2008

Poetry In The Hills

Presented by The Detroit Poetry Collective

On August 14, 2008 we invite you to enjoy a Soulful Date Night!
The Second Annual Poetry in the Hills Literary Arts Fundraiser!

Hear Live Music and Poetry By: Versiz, Blair, francine j. harris, Legacy, Breauna, Marketa, Nia, C.M. Archer, Kahn Davison and Lashaun phoenix Moore!!!!!

We will make history as we continue to provide sustainability to the Metro-Detroit arts community for years to come. Join us as we capture the audience's heart, share favorite lines over food & drink, and more...!

WITNESS THIS NIGHT!There will be a raffle and plenty of excitement!


Poetry in the Hills is an annual poetry reading/musical event for all Metro-Detroiters to support in order to provie funds for scholarships, fellowships, stipends and awards to artists (young and old) in State of Michigan. This fundraiser also covers professional writer fees so they can read & teach in the Metro-Detroit area.

With each amazing featured poetry reading, live performance, music and/or poetry slam, we watch each of our faithful patrons grow into a community and strengthen their work; The Detroit Poetry Collective has dedicated itself and provided an atmosphere that is safe for all Detroit-Metro area writers.

"Detroit Poetry Collective Inc was formed to cultivate urban artists through creative writing (poetry, fiction, and non-fiction); to develop, provide, and support literary programs that foster multicultural literacy & creative critical thinking. It purposes to provide a safe-haven for Detroit writers by way of academic readings, scholarships, stipends, awards, poetry slams, writer�s retreat/conferences, guest speakers, workshops, and public events."
Detroit Poetry Collective Inc, 5766 Trumbull St, Ste 106
Detroit MI 48208 E-mail:

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