Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Past And Present

Christmastime can be incredibly hectic and overwhelming. It is a time to gather close to friends and family, to reflect, to be reminded of what matters most to us. Tell us what this time of year means to you. We will randomly choose a number of you to send a small gift. Thank you for supporting Color Online. We wish you and yours peace, joy and love this holiday season.


NETTR said...

Christmas to me means enjoying and appreciating friends and family and remembering what is important. It's such a hectic time, but we try to let go of the worry and stress and make time to see the lights, listen to Christmas music, bake cookies, wraps gifts together ~ just spend time together.

ldoveyitsme said...

Christmas means a time to feel young again by watching the joy in the children's faces as they look in wonder at the lights, the trees, Santa, and learn about the birth of baby Jesus.

Xmas tends to take over Christmas the older we get. The simple pleasures and joys are harder to find until you look into that shining face of a child.

Christmas is not only a celebration of family, friends, and love but of births. The birth of Jesus, the birth of wonderment, and the re-birth of our own childhood.

What adult can say that they aren't carried back to their own Christmas memories when they look upon the sheer happiness that the children around them display?

God begot Jesus and for him man begets this celebration of birth, life, love, and re-birth.

tracyt from FR .. ldoveyitsme@yahoo.com