Sunday, November 25, 2007

Interview in Twist Magazine

I hate having my picture taken, but I seize every opportunity to promote Color Online. I hope you will check out my fifteen minutes of fame in Twist. I wanted to talk exclusively about the group, but the writer wanted to talk about me. I did my best to compromise. After all she was doing me a favor by choosing me as one of the featured women. With any luck, I said enough to garner more support for Color Online, and that's worth suffering having my not photogenic mug shot published.

Big thank you to Ms. Patricia Montemurri for bringing attention to our community.


Villager said...

The article was excellent and the work that you are doing is even more remarkable. Oddly enough I was in Detroit this past weekend. I am non-custodial parent of a 14-year old daughter who lives in Detroit. Your work with young girls is powerful. Stay strong.

peace, Villager

Brainy Mama said...

This is great! Congratulations and may you receive more fabulous press.