Monday, October 15, 2007

Feature Legend

New Crayons-Remember when you were a kid and getting new crayons was a big deal? Getting new books holds the same kind of magic for some of us big kids. Every week on Sunday, I post what's new in our box. I think crayons is a pretty cool metaphor for multicultural lit. Every week we receive a book is a good week.

- Color Online Love Alert. This feature is two-fold. Some COLA items will be full blog posts while others will be links on found on our sidebar. Links and features highlight blogs, books and articles written by women of color or news about awards and articles celebrating the work of women of color writers, poets, artists and activists and multicultural publishers. Check the sidebar regularly for new COLA links.

Shades of Love- created to promote kidlet and YA books we want to share with you. When you see the Shades of Love tag or the symbol, you readily know the type of book featured.

Quizzes-Answer the quiz and your name will be entered in a monthly drawing. Must provide your email addy to be eligible to win. Cool prizes, check out our Prize Bucket.

Sunday Salon- A recap of the week's posts. We know everyone has a full life. Some days you aren't going to get by. Sunday Salon is posted Saturday night. Check it out and catch up on the week's activities.

What Do I Read Next- a regular feature. Each week Doret and I will recommend a title or a list based on a particular genre or themes. But for this to really work, we need your requests. Tell us what kind of books you enjoy or what themes you'd like to explore written by or about POC.

CORA Diversity Roll Call- a bi-weekly meme hosted alternately between Color Online and Worducopia each week, with a question that explores and celebrates diversity in literature. Different weeks may focus on racial diversity, ethnicity, abilities, sexual identity, social class, and so on. No need to officially sign up--join in each week as you wish.

Sewing Circle-created to promote adult literature by women of color we want to share with you. When you see the Sewing Cirle tag or the symbol, you readily know the type of book featured.

Susan Says- my rambling. Book-related, usually.
Camile has a regular column on Wednesday. She's liable to say anything and she usually does.
Reviews- we actively encourage our members to contribute. Most reviews are written by community members and we link back to their individual blogs.

With all this we also host contests and challenges. Spring 2010 we will launch our bi-annual e-zine. Stay tuned.

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