Saturday, October 27, 2007

Potpourri: Literature & Women's Studies

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Quiz #9

Name the author and the title of one of her works. Provide link if possible.

"[She] was born in Parmele, North Carolina, on May 17, 1929. The second oldest of five children, she moved, as an infant, with her family to Washington, D.C. She studied piano as a child and teenager. She loved
music, movies, and books. As a young wife and mother in her early twenties, while working as a clerk-typist at the U. S. Patent Office, [fill in] began a search for satisfying work. She found it in writing...

After several years of study and rejections from publishers, [fill in] had her first poem published in the Hartford Times in 1962. Her first book was published in 1972. She is now the author of more than 40 books for children -- poetry, biography, picture books and older fiction. She says her mission is twofold: (1) to contribute to the development of a large body of African American literature for children and (2) to continue to fill her life with the joy of creating with words."


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