Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fertile Ground: Selected Poetry Read

Postcard From Barcelona
Latasha Natasha Diggs

looking above
it is more than espresso
paella. Or cheese,

or ham sponged
between the sea’s yeast,

the spider plant,
her umbilical shoots,

the sheets, t-shirts
heaved towards cobblestone.

but unnoticed is a choice.
a questioning rejoice.

a mourning, lonesome
from birds residing

in crocheted tin spances
gilded chastity. wired betrayal.

saddled above a deaf audience
tourist are enamored
by what resides in short distance-

too anxious to send postcards
telling friends they have seen
the Gaudi cathedral.

on this curved path
this winding alley,

the washer board garments
hang un-twitched, monkish.

but the birds knowing
everything and nothing.

find few responses
with pleated wings
and tender gospel.

From Cave Canem Anthology 2002

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