Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Pilobolus, the arts organism, germinated in the fertile soil of a Dartmouth College dance class in 1971. What emerged was a collaborative choreographic process and a unique weight-sharing approach to partnering that gave the young company a non-traditional but powerful new set of skills with which to make dances. The group was immediately acclaimed for its startling mix of humor and invention and Pilobolus soon became a self-sufficient organization, its members choreographing, dancing, managing, and publicizing their own programs."

Pilobolus will perform at the Macomb Center in Clinton Township, Michigan, October 6th. If you can, do see this exceptional company. Check our links for their website.


bookwormbeth said...

I find this dance group mesmerizing! I only wish i was this flexible! Incredible job on the website, Z!

Mahima said...

Ms. B! This website is incredible! Thanks for the post on Pilobolus. Just wanted to tell you that their coming to MI Macomb Center on Fri Oct 6th, not 12th. I'm hoping to go. Thanks!! Mahima

meduza said...

Great job on the website and this is such a great picture!